A piece of land is what I wish for..

Many nights ago, I had this dream of having my own piece of small property along the national road. When I wake up, I was sooo inspired because I really thought, it was real and kept thinking about it since then with the purpose of attracting the dream to come true.

One afternoon, I decided to send a message to Maricar whose hubby owns a property¬†at Ocampo St.,¬†Bagumbayan, Naga City signifying my intention to buy a small lot to start up my business. It was a¬†not that doesn’t ask for a good outcome or anything. I just wanted to know if they have the liking to selling just a part of what they own. After several hours, I got a reply. She wanted me to go to their house because Neil wanted to talk about it in details.

To cut the story short, we decided to talk formally and I proposed what I had in mind. These were what I wanted to negotiate: I need a 100sq.m lot with a big frontage, a rent (1,000) that is already deducted to the amount we agreed upon as the idea is rent to own, their asking price is 5,000 per square meter but I asked for P4,000 amounting to P400,000, the decision on this amount is pending as Neil needed to let his brothers all agree, the tax is to be shouldered by me as well as the share of fee for the subdivision of property and the transfer of the title to my name.

I have to wait for their decision until next week and if the negotiation runs smoothly and until finally they agree, then I can start to build a house with adjoining store using light materials. My brother and I plan to put up a store where we can display many unperishable items such as RTWs, shoes, school supplies, even a videoke machine that can be rented and books and magazines.

When I think about all these, I feel so elated. This¬†dream¬†of a small lot in the city center¬†is what I really wish for. Universe..give it to me please…


next plans?

Tonight, I will leave for Manila to attend the following:

1. Alma just turned 35 yesterday and since she’s my best friend, I will have a late celebration with her tomorrow with Sir Rudy as our special guest hehe. He is a dear friend from Sorsogon but he is working in the US and the last time the three of us caught up with good times was about three years ago. Good thing he’s back here but for a few days only because I think he’ll be flying soon. I don’t know yet the plans for tomorrow but definitely, we’ll meet up.

2. I will be joining the ACLS training workshop on Monday at 9am until 5pm. The workshop will end four days after. Hmm I am excited to be able to get a US recognized certificate which can be added to my resume.

3. On Friday, Alvin will schedule me for an interview. Hmm another business venture? Hopefully, it will help me with my goal of saving for next year.

4. If given the chance, Saturday would be the first day of my work at Alvin’s office. Wish me GOOD LUCK!

5. Sunday is free. I’ll have a rest ful day.

6. Monday is a busy day because I will go to Clark to inquire. I really hope to be able to study there and land a job in Australia after 4 months.

Thank you Lord for these blessings and endless opportunities. I owe YOU all of these graces.